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Before WhatsApp was sold to Facebook, Google was in talk to acquire the multimillion company which right now has more than 600 million subscribers. Google is planning to come up with it’s own WhatsApp alternative for mobile messaging and the search engine giant would like to test it in India.Google Messenger Logo


Google Messenger

WhatsApp continues to grow although it’s alternatives have come up with better facilities and offers. The Google Messenger is in development stage and it will be launched in 2015 but none of the Google employee has confirmed this. One of the reason to test it in India is that the popular social messenger, WhatsApp has 65 million actives users in India.

Google replaced Google Talk with Hangout to offer WhatsApp alike feature but forced users to login via Google account. With Google Messenger, you will get support of popular Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and also includes voice to text messaging. Unlike WhatsApp which charges $1 per year, Google Messenger will be free to use.Social Media Messenger

Haptik Messenger a new WhatsApp alternative raised $1 million in venture capital funds last month saw 1 lac customer queries within half a month. So Google Messenger will be certainly seeing the figure growing big and it will not take much time to beat WeChat, Line and Viber in competition.

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So it’s now Google vs Facebook (combining WhatsApp and Instagram) in the war of social media and social on mobile. Stay tuned for more information.