How to Create a Page on VKontakte (

VK LogovKontakte is often referred as the Russian version of Facebook. Just like Facebook Fan Page, Google+ plus you might be interested in creating the VKontakte page as well. When it comes to social network promotion, its quite important to maintain your presence everywhere. Yes, (VKontakte) can be another source of visitors to your site. You can share your articles, photos and YouTube/Vimeo videos to get visitors.


If you are new to, you will need a guide to create a community page and steps to monetize it.

Here in this guide we show you how you can do it.

Create a Community Page on VK

Here is how you can get started with VKontakte aka Community Page –

  • Visit Create VK Community Page.
  • Provide the page name, Page type and accept the terms. When done hit Create Page.VK create a page
  • You need to provide further information to create a page. This details includes Name, community link, category, website, description, Founding date and Export to Twitter settings.VK create a page
  • You should ensure that Community link can be changed any time(it should be available). Once the details are provided, hit Save.VK Community further info
  • Once that is done, your community page has been created and it looks like thisVK Page Created
  • That’s it Done!

You can now move to upload photo, share with friends, Add events, update with news and manage the page completely. After creating your VK business or blog or website page, you will find that the processor is quite similar to Facebook Page. The only difference is that the page on VK is lined to the person account.

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For the website owners, we advice you to get your page up on Please consider sharing this with your friends.