How to Update Micromax A116 Canvas HD with Android 4.1.2 based JellySmart V1 Custom Firmware


Micromax Canvas HD, we have written more articles about this smartphone than any other phone just because we want to let you know that this is the smartphone to buy this year. For those whose quest is for phablet phone or quad core phone or phone with HD video recording, Micromax Canvas HD is the phone packing up all those in one device. More importantly you would be interested to check out reasons why you should buy Micromax Canvas A116 HD phone and also compared with the earlier Canvas phones namely A110 vs A100.Micromax A116 JellySmart Custom ROM

Now then, for those who are interested in doing more than just possessing this smartphone, we have come up with tutorial on how to install ClockWorkMod Recovery and rooting procedure. Here in this guide we go through the JellySmart a custom firmware available for Canvas HD phone. Incidentally this is first custom firmware available for A116 smartphone known as the JellySmart and it’s based on the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. This JellySmart is very stable and smooth for you Canvas HD phone and here we have listed the JellySmart ROM features, update procedure with step by step guide.

One of the main reasons why you should update Canvas HD to Android 4.1.2 is because none of the Indian smartphone vendors every care for updating their device to the latest version except Lava Mobiles for their Xolo powered smartphones.

JellySmart Firmware Features & Improvements

The following are the features added in JellySmart firmware are –

  • Android 4.2 Launcher
  • New Clock
  • New Gmail app for improved performance
  • New Music app
  • New Android 4.2 Jelly Bean based keyboard
  • New 4.2 Jelly Bean base fonts
  • New Baseband
  • Auto Rotation bug fixed
  • Pre-rooted
  • Performance tweaks
  • Flipboard issue bug fixed
  • Net Speeds tweaks
  • No delay in making calls
  • More free RAM
  • Locked Launcher in memory
  • Enabled 270 degree rotation
  • Ziplagined and Deodexed
  • Fast boot
  • Flashlight intensity increased
  • Mega bass boost Mod added
  • Faster and Smoother
  • Removed Micromax Registration
  • Nano Editor Added
  • Added custom boot animation functionality

What’s Not Working

  • M! Store app is not working
  • Its reported by users that music player is unable to install

Images & ScreenShots

Micromax A116 JellySmart ROM Micromax A116 JellySmart ROM Screenshot

Pre-Upgrade Instructions

Thinking to update, before you update you should follow these instructions –

  • Make sure that you have fully charged your phone. It’s the very first step to ensure because you don’t want to land up your phone in trouble of running out of battery during the process of updating.
  • You should have rooted your phone Micromax Canvas HD phone. This is required step as without rooting you can’t install either CWM or any custom firmwares. We have provided the guide to Root Micromax A116 Canvas HD phone.
  • You should also have installed the ClockWorkMod Recovery on your phone which will replace the existing Recovery Mode. CWM Recovery makes the job easier and we have mentioned steps on how you can install CWM Recovery on Micromax A116 phone.
  • You should also ensure that USB debugging is enabled. This can be enabled by going through Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. See that it’s ticked.

Since we would be connecting your phone to the PC using the USB cable, ensure that USB Drivers are installed perfectly on your PC. If not installed, download Micromax A116 Canvas HD USB Drivers and install it.

Disclaimer: Since this firmware is developed by third party developers, this can even brick your phone if you don’t follow the instructions carefully. If you follow, you would be able to update your phone easily with any problems.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Android 4.1.2 JellySmart Update

Here is the step by step guide to update your Canvas HD phone to Android 4.1.2 JellySmart ROM –

  • Ensuring that you have followed the above instructions, we would be first downloading JellySmart A116 Canvas HD ROM zip file. The total file size is 290 Mb.
  • Now connect your phone using the USB cable to the PC and then transfer the downloaded file to the root of your external/internal SD card.
  • Now disconnect the phone from PC and switch it OFF.
  • You need to turn ON your phone in the ClockWorkMod Recovery and this can be done by pressing the Volume UP + Volume Down and the Power button altogether at once. You will soon see the Micromax A116 logo and in the next screen choose the Recovery mode. For you information, in the recovery mode, the volume down and up keys are for navigating from one option to another and Power option is used to select the highlighted option.CWM Recovery
  • It’s advised to take backup of the existing ROM on your phone and this can be done by selecting “Backup and Restore” and then select “Back Current ROM”.
  • In the recovery mode you need to first “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and then followed with “Wipe Partition”. This will delete the current ROM on your phone.
  • Now click on “Advanced” and then select “Dalvik Catche” to clear the Dalvik Cache and then “Battery State” clear.Advanced Menu
  • Now go to Mount & Storage and then select Storage select “Format /System”.Mount Storage
  • Select “Install Zip from SDcard” and then navigate to the root of your SD card where you have stored the file. Select it and then click on Yes. Again as I mentioned you earlier, the Volume Down/Up keys are used to navigate and Power option is used to select.Install Zip From SD Card
  • Once flashing is done, you will we taken back to the CWM Recovery Menu.
  • Now go to “Advanced” and then hit “Fix Permissions” to fix all permissions.
  • Finally you need to hit “Reboot System Now” to get your phone in the normal mode. This time it will take 3-5 minutes for your phone to act accordingly to the new JellySmart based custom firmware settings. Don’t worry it will boot up, if it doesn’t remove the battery and re-insert it.

So with that you have updated your Micromax A116 Canvas HD Phone with the JellySmart based Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. Do drop us a comment or share this article with your friends on Google +, Facebook or Twitter.



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  • AbhishekChowdhury

    From were i got the files which were copy to external card plz give me the links

  • praveen110979

    I am getting an error
    I have rooted the phone and CWM is also installed.
    But on updating to Jelly Smart I got the following error
    ERROR IN BACKING UP BOOT IMAGE while updating Jelly Smart.
    Also all my rooted data is on Internal SD Card and not on External SD Card. Because of this my internal memory is almost full.
    What needs to be done in this case.
    Pls reply.

  • praveen110979

    while backing up it showed an error 
    and hence it was not successful.
    pls reply me with the solution.

  • RohanArya
    i rooted my canvas HD by this guide, can you please tell by rooting from this guide, now can i install rom? Thanks in advance.

  • Deepak Navangule

    Hi Karshim,
    I have a out-of-syllabus query.
    Have you got the file for Original V1 ROM for Canvas 2?
    I have flashed the V3 ROM (Jelly Bean) for my Canvas 2 but somehow want to shift to original V1 ROM. But MMX has removed the file for V1 from their FTP server.
    Can you help?
    Thanks in advance…

    • Karshim Kanwar

      Sorry! I have no guide or backup of V1 ROM for Canvas 2 phone!
      Check tutorial on other sites, they might have it or search in Google with exact file name.

  • Vikram

    I have installed this JellySmart Version and got installed properly. But I found a problem in the music player. I can not open the equilizer in the provided player. One more thing is I have tried to download the Poweramp and few other music players but in this case I was unable to open the player itself. According to me there is a big bug for the music players in this firmware. And as mentioned I couldn’t find extra Basss Boost function also. Please help me in this case. Or tell me wheather I should go back to Jelly bean again and if yes then how. Kindly help.

    • Karshim Kanwar

      Have you followed the step of “Backup & Restore” > “Backup Current ROM”? If you have followed, then go to CWM Recovery mode(steps mentioned above) and go to Backup & Restore, finally select Restore button.

      That will do it!

      • Vikram

        Really thanks for this… I have tried this but its giving MD5 Error.
        In CWM Recovery mode.. Initially it was not showing the file image in the recovery list and then I tried saving the backup file in CWM Recovery in backup folder in internal sd card then its reflecting in restore list but when i hit the recovery option then its giving an MD5 error.
        Unable to restore. Kindly help.

      • Vikram

        Hi, Thanks alot for your reply.
        I tried your solution but unable to restore my mobile. I have done restore and backup and also I have recovery image with me but Its giving MD5 Error and I am unable to perform the action.
        Initially it was not reflecting in the Restore list in CWM Recovery mode then I have shifted the Recovery Image in the in the CWM Recovery (backup) folder then it reflecting in the list but unable to run it.
        Kindly help. becasue I am unable to play any music player. I can install the music player manually but cant open it. dont know why it is happening. Previously this problem was not there.

        • Karshim Kanwar

          Hey Vikram,
          Try to go in Recovery and select Wipe data/factory reset.
          If that doesn’t work out then reach Micromax Service Center nearby you and tell them I have updated with official firmware as released on site.

          • Vikram

            Again failed…..
            What do you think why cant I install any music player…
            I am not facing any other problem apart from music player installation issue. And also unable to access the equalizer in the provided music player…

            Just help me with the music player otherwise everything is fine.

          • Vikram

            Hello Karshim,

            Can I use an updated official firmware jelly Bean which is released for A110 Canvas 2. I can see your post for for new updation of A110.
            Is it possible to use that version in my canvas HD.. Will it solve my issue and Is it same as my previous version of Cavas HD A116.

            Sorry for many questions … but need your help on this.

          • Karshim Kanwar

            Sorry but you can’t do that! This process is only for A110.

          • Vikram

            Now I have the original backup file which is 198MB…. so how can i use it…. but its not working with CWM rcovery… Is there any software to install

          • Karshim Kanwar

            Are you able to go through normal recovery mode? For process go here –

  • Sukhdeep

    i paste file in external card

  • Sukhdeep

    As u say. paste the file in external/internal sdacrd .
    i do but there are no option for pick file from rxternal card. plz help to solve the issue.

    • Karshim Kanwar

      Hey, try to move your the file downloaded to the root of your Internal Memory. Try that it will work!

  • srikanthyes

    @Karshim Kanwar 
    All bullshit….nothing works for A116. I tried 4.2 all kind of ROM in market. nothing works fine.