How to Send Large Size Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus file size limitation doesn’t always provide you high quality of Instant Messaging services. What’s the use of having high internet speed and owing a smartphone which can record beautiful photos and videos? WhatsApp always compress photos and videos that you share with your friends and colleagues. It does the same when you send it on any WhatsApp group. While it’s useful for those who have limited internet speed or have limited data plans, the quality of photos at the receiver end is extremely worst as it adopts high photos/video compression.WhatsApp File Size Limits


So the question arises how will you send larger video recorded of 20 or 25 MB on WhatsApp? We are here to guide you on how to send large video files on WhatsApp easily. Definitely there isn’t any way to bypass WhatsApp video size limits but we have listed out some solution through which you can send large videos which aren’t accepted by WhatsApp for sending.

You have following thing which can be done –

  • Convert videos on your smartphone.
  • Share Files on Cloud Storage to your friends.
  • Or shrink videos as per WhatsApp built in video trimmer.

Convert Videos Files on Smartphone

High quality video formats often takes large sizes and converting the video files into low sized formats like 3GP will definitely allow you to send videos to your friends on WhatsApp. Go to Play Store and download any video converter for this purpose.Video Converter Apps

Share Videos via Cloud on Phones

If you have large camera recorded video of birthday party or poolside party, then its better to go with cloud storage upload and then share the link of that particular file to your friends on WhatsApp. Furthermore, Cloud Storage apps competition has increased the free storage provided per users.Cloud Storage Apps

Use WhatsApp in-Built Video Trimmer

The WhatsApp in-built Video trimming tool is definitely one of the best way to trim videos and send it across on WhatsApp.WhatsApp Video Trimmer

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So, that’s how you can send videos on WhatsApp to your friends keeping the file size within limitations.