Leaked 4-Inch iPhone To Resemble iPhone 6

A new leak photo of 4-Inch iPhone claims that it will be very identical to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S externally.

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone might not be that powerful in terms of specifications but it has a long life with rumors as today yet another leak contradicts the previous leak which says 4-inch iPhone which is alleged to be iPhone 5SE or iPhone 5E will be an enhanced version of iPhone 5S with iPhone 6 internals. Contradicting this claim is Gijs Raggers who shared a photo of an unidentified iPhone next to an iPhone 5 on One More Thing website.

4 inch iPhone

Posting on the site’s forum, Gijs claims that the purported 4-inch iPhone is with the same size as that of the iPhone 5 but looks very identical to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S externally. The unidentified iPhone here has curved glass edges, relocated FaceTime camera, power button and Volume button located on the right-side bezel. Furthermore, it has thinner bezel than iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S as claimed earlier.

Source: OneMoreThing.nl

Via: MacRumors

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