In this guide check out how you can access the live traffic camera of major cities on your Android phone and tablets.

Let your Android phone take you straight to the multiple locations across different cities in USA by enabling a direct access to live traffic cameras(usa live traffic camera) and live pictures through the free app that can be downloaded from Google Play. Mapping locations, streets and other spots on the map through access of live cameras, you can get an enhanced search right on your phone wherever you may be located across the world. The app has been developed by the game developer Drowning Zebra and covers close to 58 US cities supporting App2SD and can be accessed on two modes, landscape or portrait. It also works on all tablets.

Live Traffic Camera in USA

The biggest advantage is the app can bring you live pictures from nearly 3000 cameras geo-localized across different cities. To access their image feed you have to first customize the application through the Menu option. Save settings for next time you browse through. If you want a list of all cameras in a particular city type in the city name and press search keeping the location tab empty. You instantly get access to images that are sources from not just traffic cameras but also websites hosted by different municipalities. So if you’re driving through a certain part of a city in US and want to know about congestion and traffic movement on your route just use the app and get an idea of what to expect.

Indian Traffic Cameras USA Traffic Camera

If a location based search doesn’t reveal camera images it could be due to climatic conditions or in case the websites are under maintenance. This doesn’t mean you won’t get the results of a typed location the next time you search. The app has shown steady update and a recent change is removal of Airpush. The current version is adaptive to Android version 4.1.2. You need Android 1.5 and higher versions to use it. Although the content rating has been rated for low maturity you do get decent images.

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Android App Rating – 3.5/5