After launching Hisense Chromebook, Haier Chromebook and Asus Chromebook Flip, there is no stopping for Google. Acer in collaboration with Google has officially announced the Acer Chromebase which is an 21.5 inch All in one desktop with full 10 point multi-touch display with 1080 pixels full HD resolution. That's not all the new Chromebase from Acer will definitely replace the traditional desktop computers with latest technology like WiFi, Bluetooth. It will be powered with NVIDIA made Tegra K1 quad core processor. Other specifications of hte Acer Chromebase isn't revealed except the known above and it runs on Chrome OS.Acer Chromebase

Potential buyers will be those who want to go with Google's Chrome apps and services like Hangout, Gmail but doesn't include professional video and photo editors.

The Acer Chromebase will be available in America in May or June 2015, i.e., Q2 but no dates have been given.

Via: Acer