After Intel’s wrong relationship debut with Lava Mobiles, it caught up no attention. Atleast for this time, Intel should come up with something interesting. As they next step in to mobile phone segment, they have partnered up with Acer to come up with a brand new phone called Liquid C1. In this article at TechnosAmigos, we go through details of Acer Liquid C1 like specifications, features, reviews and what’s interesting in this particular piece.

Acer Liquid C1

Not too long ago Acer announced Liquid E1 smartphone and just within a week time they are back with a new Liquid C1 mobile phone announcement. It powered with Intel Atom Z240 processor which was shown to the world at Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 2013. If we talk about the specifications and features included in Liquid C1 smartphone, they you can easily say that it’s a decent smartphone packed up with not much heavy configuration. So a normal user who needs not many things on its phone can buy it and this means that it’s not the Acer flagship smartphone for 2013. Do you what is the flagship model of Acer for 2013? Or for 2012?Acer Liquid C1 phone

Liquid C1 smartphone refresh the Acer Liquid series lineup with a fresh design and promising processor. The device comes with 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen display providing a maximum resolution of 960 x 540 pixels with decent pixel density. It packs powerful 2,000 mAh battery which provides atleast 8 hours of talk time. The 8 mega pixel camera sensor on the rear side allows you to take 1080p full HD video recording and better image editing features makes it as a decent camera smartphone. On the front of the device we see three capacitive touch buttons namely - Back, Home and Menu.

No word has been said on the Android version included with it, but we can certainly assume that it will be with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean not less than that. With that Android version it’s certain that you will have Google Now along with other free Google Services apps like Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Picasa Web Album and Google Play Store.

Acer Liquid C1 has following specifications –

  • 4.3” capacitive touchscreen display – good
  • 960 x 540 pixels resolution
  • 8 mega pixel rear side camera – very good
  • 1.2 Ghz Intel Atom Z240 processor - good
  • 1 Gb RAM - good
  • 2,000 mAh battery – good
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
  • Wi Fi tether, Wi Fi
  • Google Now, Project Butter
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • 32 GB micro SD card support

Acer Liquid C1 will be available in the South East Asian countries first and then later be launching with various other variant for carrier specific needs in Europe and USA. Along with Liquid E1, Acer has now two smartphones lineup to showcase at MWC 2013 at Barcelona to be held in the second half of February 2013.