Ad Blocker for Microsoft Edge Browser – Coming Soon

Adblocker for Microsoft Edge

A lot of websites depends on advertising to make money but apart from Google AdSense and few other ad networks which has limitations on ads that you can show on a single page, many ad networks has no limit on how many ads that you can place per page. As such publishers have pushed for more ads in order to generate more revenue and nature of ads have dimensioned how many ads you can show per page.

Banner ads, in text ads are all good but interstitials, pop-ups and pop-unders are really hurting the user experience. We haven’t added any such ads on because I believe in better user experience rather than annoying them by showing plenty of ads.

Adblocker for Microsoft Edge

To stay away from those ads which hurts your computer/laptop, ad blocking plugins are very popular. For Google Chrome and Firefox browser, Ad Block Plus is very popular and widely used plugin/extension. Microsoft has updated Internet Explorer and named it as Microsoft Edge browser. The browser is new and it comes pre-installed on Windows 10 platform. We look-out for some of the good Ad Block plugins for Microsoft Edge browser.

Ad Block Plus for Microsoft Edge

Ad Block Plus has recently issued a statement that Ad Block Plus will be soon available to Microsoft Edge browser. Until then you just need to wait.

Apart from that, Microsoft Edge as well hasn’t come up with any method through which you can install other plugins or add-ons or extensions. So, either way you just need to wait or stop using Microsoft Edge for couple of days.

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