Advantages of using Laptop Stands

Having a vertical Adjustable height laptop stand can greatly improve your computer use and increase your comfort. But are those all the benefits of laptop stands? In Lention, we tell you about them.

Why have Laptop Stands?

The popularity of laptops is enormous and it’s growing day by day.  The simple fact that you can move them from one place to another is a great advantage. These computers, originally intended for occasional or complementary use, have become main computers to carry out work in the office or the now usual home office. For this reason, having an adjustable height laptop stand can greatly improve your computer use and increase your comfort.

Keep in mind that, despite the great functionality of portable laptops, using them for long hours in inadequate structures and heights can cause neck, arm, shoulder, and hand pain. The media seek to reduce the incidence of these events.

Advantages of Laptop Stand:

One of the big drawbacks of using a laptop for a long time is the right size that these computers have. This forces people to keep their heads down for many hours. Given that, the supports and especially the vertical supports offer numerous advantages, of which we highlight the following:

  1. The brackets are practical and easy-to-use solutions. Many of them are mobile models that you can take with you wherever you want.
  2. They can be adjusted to the height of the person using the laptop.
  3. They avoid many disorders in bones and muscles due to poor posture. Back pain, dizziness, headache, neck pain, and eye fatigue decrease.
  4. Another advantage of laptop stands is their versatility, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs.
  5. They facilitate order in the workplace and keep equipment further away from potential liquid spills. Some of our products can support the laptop and an additional monitor or the computer together with the mobile.
  6. Prevents overheating of computers, since they favor the passage of air in the lower part of the computer. Some may include fans to increase cooling capacity, ideal for non-state-of-the-art models.
  7. An added benefit of laptop stands is the convenience they offer. Thus, it is possible to improve ergonomics when using them, especially when it is a long time.

At, we have several models that are installed on the edges of the desk or used as a supported base. Also, we have other options that function as complete workstations.

Keys to choosing a laptop stand:

All models are functional, but not all offer the same features or allow you to work in the same way. It is important that when choosing one you consider what your needs are or the group of people who will use the laptop. For example, where and for what it will be used, if the laptop will be used in conjunction with another device, if the Aluminum laptop stand will be fixed on a desk or, instead, something compact to take anywhere is better.

Taking this into account:

– Find something that fits the inches of your laptop in size.

– That is adjustable in height.

– Choose from a material that allows you to work comfortably, there are more rigid or flexible construction.

– It should be sized appropriately for your workplace.

Now that you know the advantages of laptop stands, we invite you to review our laptop vertical stands catalog. We are sure that you will find the support that best suits your needs.

How do laptop stands improve ventilation?

If you have your computer in a normal flat position, you should bear in mind that the air circulation will not be ideal. Therefore, by raising it from its normal position, and with a support that has grilles or large holes, the fan of the computer itself will be able to do its job better.

At present, you will find supports that are better prepared, with which their ventilation systems are incorporated. These are easily attached to computers using a USB cable, thus improving the cooling capacity of the computer, so that your device does not overheat.

Why do these supports help prevent injury?

When we use a laptop on the desk, it will usually be well below our eye level. This leads to a constant bad position, and you may not notice it. But, you must bear in mind that this can cause your muscles to suffer, and contractures in the back or even tendinitis in the elbow can occur.

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For this reason, you must be in the most ergonomic position possible, because this way you will avoid any type of damage to your body. An Aluminum laptop stand will allow you to maintain a proper position because it will keep the computer at eye level and thus avoid incorrect positions.

At, you can explore through a wide range of laptop stands and a USB 3.0 hub with long cable.

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