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At we believe in direct advertisement as its perfectly suitable for both us and advertisers. Along with listing at AdSella, BuySellAds and other services, you can also advertise directly on our blog/network sites. By doing this you will not only save BuySellAds or AdSella fees but get a better discount on 60 days/90 days or more advertising periods. So, basically a win-win situation for both.


We are generating more than 450,000 to 500,000 unique visitors since March 2020 and this December 2016, we continued this average. So this means we have around half a million Page views per month on alone. We publish 7-10 articles per day, covering the latest mobile phone launches, gadget news and other tips.

We offer the best rates via direct advertisements and the following are the ads slots open for advertisers to buy –

125 x 125 Banner – 2 Slots Available

125 x 125 Banner ads are the standard and the best way to advertise. We have four slots available and each 125 x 125 banner. [For placement check the image below]

728 x 90 Header Banner – 1 Slot Available

Get maximum attention, yes that’s via the header banner placed on the right side of the TechnosAmigos Logo. For a limited period of time, we are also selling the 728 x 90 Header Banner gets equal attention as that of your site heading and this has been a perfect place for you as an advertiser. [For placement check the image below]

468 x 60 Below the Post Title – 1 Slot Available

The second attention gets is below the Post/Page title. We are also selling 468 x 60 ads code for a limited period of time. The price is $150 per month. With this placement, you should get anything between 50-60 clicks per day. As of now, I am using Adsense 336 x 280 ad codes in that slot and your 468 x 60 ad code will be placed above that. [For placement check the image below]

300 x 250 SideBar Top – 1 Slot Available

We have made another provision for 300 x 250 ad codes in the sidebar. This gets the same attention as of above 468 x 60 ad slot. This image will give you a clear idea of what slots are available –

Visibility – All ad codes are visible on the homepage, blog pages, and blog posts for all users worldwide.

Some of the remarkable Achievements on –

Google Page Rank – N/A
Domain Authority – 55
Page Authority – 50
Alexa Rank – 335,000
Backlinks According to Alexa – 181

Reasons Why You Should Advertise

Our blog has achieved the following –

  • 75 % of our total traffic comes from Search Engines with Google giving us 70% of it.
  • We run on Google AdSense, VigLink for monetization. This should give you a clear idea that we are not just meant for ad networks but we also have a preference towards advertisers like you.


* All payments should be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer (if applicable).
* All Payments will be upfront. Discount for Bulk or longer period advertising.
Google Analytics reports sharing is available upon request by email to yogeshkhetani(at)

Please contact us with any questions.