Airtel Wi-Fi : Airtel currently the #1 telecom operator in India and #3 operator worldwide operates in various parts of the world. Airtel has come up with Wi-Fi internet plans to enjoy the broadband internet experience while you are on the go. Airtel WiFi

Sometimes I wonder why can’t I get a wireless router to get premium speed as 3G Internet Plans in India are costlier, moreover the reception of 3G network is limited to few areas in the cities and towns.Airtel WiFi

For those who needs premium speed at a point of time and want’s to taste the new technology in the telecom sector, then move to Airtel. This isn’t any promotion from Bharti Airtel India but I was very much happy to share this piece recent innovation by them to readers at Technos

Airtel has come up with Wi-Fi internet services in India to be launched in coming days. You can now surf the web, download files and make friends on the move. Certainly, when you are at home you will be using the Wi-Fi of your home but outside your home especially when you are in a cafe, restaurant or favorite hotel providing faster download and upload speed just your normal broadband connection. Airtel Wi-Fi is available in both prepaid and postpaid services.Airtel Wi-Fi

As of now Airtel will roll out these Wi Fi services to Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai in the starting phase of these services launch. It will be soon launched in several other cities like Hyderabad, Indore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Nagpur, Ahmadabad, Trivandrum, Goa, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Pune.

Airtel Wi Fi Plans

The following are the Airtel WiFi internet plans available for the subscribers –

Plans Price Wi Fi Duration
Wi Fi 20 Rs 20 30 minutes
Wi Fi 30 Rs 30 60 minutes
Wi Fi 50 Rs 50 120 minutes

How to Connect to Airtel Hotspot

Selecting the Airtel Wi-Fi on your phone is pretty easy, follow the below steps –

  • From your smartphone go to Settings.
  • Then navigate to Wireless and Network.
  • Select ‘Airtel WiFi Zone’ and activate the voucher
  • Login and start browsing until the time period that you have chosen.

AirTel Wi-Fi Support

Airtel has set up customer help line in order to get you through issues or help related guidance. You can talk to customer care by dialing 18001022244. This move by Airtel is very much similar to that of the Aircel’s Wi-Fi service partnership with SpectraNet in selected cities of India.