An All-In-One Guide To Online Learning In 2024

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It’s nothing new that the era of the Covid-19 pandemic brought drastic changes in the world and every individual had to transform their routine to fit into the new norms of society. Billions of students were made to continue their education through online means. The covid-19 pandemic was an era in which we saw massive shifts and development in the online world, especially in education.

Nowadays, many online apps and sites have been developed that have a large library of courses and other activities available online for learning. Major universities have also started their online course channels that are available to access and learn and users are also provided with an online certificate. Together, all of this contributes to productive learning while staying in the comfort of your home with just the use of the internet.

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Why is Distance Learning Preferred and by whom?

Online learning has its perks. You can learn from the comfort of your home from any site that you wish. The best part of distance learning or e-education is that it enables you to learn whenever you are free. Online learning is becoming a more popular choice among students as a viable alternative to on-campus education since it offers courses in almost every field and flexible schedules to fit almost any lifestyle. You might be able to study virtually overseas at a university that isn’t in your country thanks to it.

Online learning is preferred and best for many uses. Some examples include:

  • Young adults that cannot afford higher education straight away – Many people are not able to avail get courses at universities just because the element of money comes in. In such a situation, online sites that give off recorded lectures for free about many skills and courses are the best solution. Usually, certificates are free but if the courses are from some good sites, they may charge a small fee but not as much as a university course.
  • Students with a physical disability – The most useful benefit of online learning is that the ones that are suffering from any sort of physical disability can learn from their home. If you are in this category, then online schooling is the best option for you. You will be able to work at your own pace and receive more individualized support.
  • People who wish to learn new skills while also working – Learning is something that never ends. If you are a student who is currently studying at any university or working anywhere and wish to learn some new skills on the side, distance learning is your thing. There isn’t always time to give physical classes to learn skills.
  • People learning globally – Global learning has taken up its demand nowadays and for all the right reasons. Global learners can study from anywhere in the world thanks to online learning. Global learners can reduce their travel and lodging expenses while maintaining the quality of their education.  They can have access to the world’s greatest teachers without ever leaving their place. The ability to continue working while pursuing their degree is a great benefit.

What about the resources for online learning?

There are multiple resources that you will come across in your online education journey. The resources and learning material varies according to the platform you are taking your course from. There are many platforms that provide eBooks and other materials while some can ask you to get a physical book from the site that will be delivered to you.

Some platforms can enable you to make your study schedule on the website or even set timers when a newly recorded lecture is uploaded. You can tailor your study schedule to your free time. There is a determined time period given for every task uploaded after lectures. There are often online quizzes and assessments present on sites for each chapter or lesson.

Discussion forums and Q&A sessions are also great features of online learning platforms. Through such forums, all the classmates gather at a blog, discussing the course and different questions posted by the instructors.

Some other resources that are available and useful in online learning include:

  • Supporting Videos
  • Recorded lectures
  • Ebooks
  • Journals
  • Discussion forums
  • Interviews

Some great sites for online learning:

Though there are a variety of online platforms available, the following are some greatly renowned sites that are recommended:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • EDX
  • Khan Academy
  • Skillshare
  • Alison
  • Harvard Extention
  • Academic Earth
  • LinkedIn Learning


With the advancement of technology and many platforms available out there, online education is now as easy as ever. If you wish to learn some new skills without having to attend any physical class, take a platform and start your learning journey now!

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