An Insight to WooCommerce


The WooCommerce eCommerce platform is an open-source and flexible e-commerce solution that is built on WordPress

Created by people its founders are from Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The idea behind this service is to make online selling easier for small and medium businesses. You can build your store on this platform and sell anything, anywhere!

Here I have thrown lights on WooCommerce’s initial setup, customizations, and shortcodes to master it. So let’s get started with the initial setup.

Initial Startup

Setting up Your Store

Setting up your online store on WooCommerce is a breeze.! Just choose the design style, menus, shipping and payment options, and the overall site structure. It is even easier to incorporate your already existing WordPress page into the WooCommerce site.

Payment Methods

WooCommerce stores accept the most popular payment forms, such as major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), Cash on Delivery, and checks. You will also have the option to select from the region-specific gateways.

On the Go

You can download the mobile app and manage your inventory and orders hassle-free. It also provides you with automatic tax calculations and live shipping rates.


Sell anything

You can customize your store according to your products and services. Sell anything on WooCommerce!

Store enhancements

According to the user requirements and budget, there are a lot of free and paid extensions in the WooCommerce Extensions Store. Whether it’s for marketing or store design, you can always add more features to your store. Some of the popular extensions are WooCommerce Tax, Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot, and PayPal, etc.

Help available

There’s a dedicated support team to help you with any queries you might have. It also has a public support forum where you can post any concerns or questions online. And you can even also hire a developer to customize your store for you.

Grow Your Business


You can increase your sales by promoting your products on social media and listing them on Google Shopping. Use Google Analytics to track and analyze your marketing activities.

Global reach

You can customize your store in various global languages and also add several currency payments for a global reach. WooCommerce can be accessed in 24 other languages.

Extra security available JetPack

JetPack is an advanced security option for WordPress, with additional features such as CRM, daily backups, anti-spam, marketing, and more, etc. We have listed 9 reasons why JetPack is the best plugin to use on your WordPress blog.

For faster loading of mobile pages, you can implement Google AMP by installing the AMP plugin.


WooCommerce shortcodes enable you to add extra functionalities to your post or page without writing any code.  

Page shortcodes

The three most essential shortcodes for any WooCommerce page are:

[woocommerce_cart] – this is to display the cart page, which includes the cart items and other related info.

[woocommerce_checkout] – this displays the checkout process.

[woocommerce_my_account] – this shows the user’s account, their past orders and update info option.

[woocommerce_order_tracking] – this shows the order tracking form to see the current status of the user’s order.

The above shortcodes usually are added to the pages by default.  

Products shortcodes

The ‘“products”’ shortcodes are used to display products by factors such as category, price, rating, title, etc. You can use the following attributes with [products]:

  • Limit – it sets the number of products to display
  • Columns – this is for the number of columns.
  • Paginate – set this attribute to ‘true’ to paginate. By default, it is set to ‘false’
  • Order by – this allows customers is to sort the products by options such as: –

o   Date – sorts by the date the product was published

o   ID – sorts by the post ID of the product

o   Menu_order – lowest to highest numbers

o   Popularity – by its popularity

o   Rand – random ordering

o   Rating – average rating of the product

o   Title – This is the default sort mode. It sorts by the product name title.

  • Skus – Shows a list of product SKUs separated by commas
  • Category – shows a list of category slugs separated by commas
  • Tag – this shows a comma-separated list of tag slugs
  • Order – sets the product order to ascending or descending. By default, the product order is set to ascending.
  • On_sale – this attribute is used to extract the products that are on sale.
  • Best_selling – displays the best-selling products
  • Top_rated – displays the top-rated products

In addition to the above, you also have options for the Content Product attributes and some Special Product Attributes. For a complete list of shortcodes, please refer to the WooCommerce documentation.

A common issue that arises while using shortcodes is when they’re embedded between the <pre> tags. This error doesn’t execute the shortcode to give the desired result. To fix this, just edit the page, and click on the Text tab to remove these tags. Also, make sure that the quotation marks used are straight and not curly ones.


With WooCommerce, you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of setting up an online store and customizing it. Moreover, the mobile app offers you the advantage of managing your store on the go. Now you don’t even need to worry about setting up payment and shipment options anymore. Sit back and relax because simplified solutions never came that easy!

Yogesh Patel: Yogesh Khetani is a famous Tech Blogger who loves to be surrounded by tech gadgets. So obviously, we can see his contribution here in that field. He also contributes to Now I am Updated website.