Android 7.0 Update Schedule for Eligible Phones – ETA

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The Android 7.0 is due announcement at Google I/O 2016 in May 18-20 and as of now the second developer preview is available for download. Very soon Android 7.0 or Android N will get an official name with desert name starting with letter N. Once it’s announcement OEM are likely to make a list of devices which will get this upcoming Android update. As an early prediction, we have shown the roadmap of Android 7.0 update schedule for eligible Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, HTC and other phones.

Samsung Android 7.0 Update Schedule

Samsung does care on the software front when it comes to their smartphone lineup. Since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, they have record of delivery the software update faster more than any other OEM. The trend is gone be the same for Android 7.0 as well.

Before the Android 7.0 goes official with a nice name, the Galaxy Note 6 will be announced and no doubt that it will be the first handset from the South Korean counterpart to get the latest build via OTA and Samsung KIES. A little later, the update will be then delivered to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ all will be going through the Android 7.0, ETA for these devices will be Q1, 2017. Yes, that’s will be the time for MWC event where devices with Android 7.0 pre-installed will be announced and later on it will be time for Android 8.0.

No doubt that carrier based Android 7.0 update to Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and other carriers over the world will be delayed by atleast two to three months from it’s international counterpart.

HTC Android 7.0 Update

HTC VP MO Versi always promises delivery of software update to the latest one within 90 days once they receive the source code. So the update time usually for HTC flagship phone is around 4 months for the global variant and add two more months for it’s carrier-bound counterpart.

Coming to what devices will be updated, we might have following devices seeing through Android 7.0 update –

  • HTC M10 [Unannounced]
  • HTC M10 Mini [Unannounced]
  • HTC One M9 aka HTC One Hima
  • HTC One M9+
  • HTC One X9
  • HTC One M9s
  • HTC One A9
  • HTC One E9+

LG Android 7.0 Update

Ever since LG is manufacturing Nexus phones, the software update time on their flagship phone is quicken up.

Sony Android 7.0 Update

Sony last time with Android Marshmallow surprised following their announcement that 15 of their Xperia handset will get the update.

The non-developer Android 7.0 update delivery to Sony Xperia lineup will start only in January 2017 to Xperia X, Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance followed with Xperia Z5 Series in March or April and possibly to unannounced Xperia Z6 series.

Motorola Android N Update

Unlike Samsung, Motorola doesn’t make many phones and 80% of their handset sees through latest Android build, provided that they do not cross more than 18 months from the launch date.

Update delivery will start in December 2016 and we could see Moto X Force, Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo 2, Nexus 6 included in the scheduled roll-out plan. We are expecting addition of unannounced Moto G fourth generation or any other devices announced after Q2, 2016 to the software roll-out plan.

Huawei Android 7.0 Update

The Chinese carrier has finally realized the importance of carrying out software update to the handset. Since Nexus 6P is made by Huawei, we are hoping to see Huawei including a lot many device to their lineup. As of now we are expecting the Android N roll out for Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus.

Expected Rollout Plan starts possibly during Christmas this year.

Xiaomi Android 7.0 Update

Xiaomi will definitely come up with Android 7.0 update to their existing phone and for your information they have MIUI overlay. So first the MIUI 8 or maybe MIUI 7.X will be released based on Android 7.0 and the update will be carried to a number of devices.

Expected Time Window : Although it’s too early to comment on what’s coming but we could see Android 7.0 debut on Xiaomi Redmi phones only in March or April 2017.

Other OEMs

Out of Box Android 7.0 Phones

The Nexus device coming later this year will be powered with Android 7.0 out of box. Other Android 7.0 devices will be announced only at CES 2017 or MWC 2017 only.

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