Android L lockscreen notification right on your phone lockscreen are something similar to what iOS 8 brings on. Hoping that Android doesn’t run into copyright troubles with it. At Google I/O keynote, Google debut Android L with L Style notification on your lockscreen. Whenever a notification reaches your phone, you can directly access, expand or dismiss it directly without opening the device lock. That’s possible with Android L operating system version on your device.Android L Lockscreen

For many getting on to Android L is big task as Kitkat for many phones still not available. So if you like the L Style notification on your device then go for Floatify as it becomes the first app to get L Style notification for Android phones. Android developer named Jawomo takes the pride to introduce Floatify app which also available in paid version to enable notifications for all apps.Floatify


  • Notification popups for apps
  • Stacked notifications
  • Expand notifications to full size
  • Smart blacklist
  • Wake on notifications
  • Consumes less battery
  • Easy configurations
  • Easily backup and restore Settings

Floatify Apk

Download the Floatify apk from the source mentioned below and install it as a normal app. Once installed open the app and turn Floatify ON. Now change the required Settings and you are ready to rock and roll. Compatibility is known for all the Android phones with 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher version.

Download Floatify APK

Floatify Play Store Link