Android Q Release Date, Android Q Name & Features to Expect

Android Q release date version

Android Pie is the official name after the three beta releases and now we are looking forward to the release of next Android version i.e., the Android Q. Officially named as the Android 10 update, it will take up a name of a dessert starting with English letter Q.

So herein check out Android Q Release Date, Android Q Name, features to expect and list of eligible phones to get the update.

Android Q Update

The Android 10 will be so called as the Android Q version. As of now, Google is into big release of the Android version.

Android Q Name:

So, the big question is what would be the Android Q called? So here are the few names that have come forward:

  • Quaker Oats
  • Quenelle
  • Quesadilla
  • Quiche
  • Quinoa Pudding

Android Q Release Date

Android Q will be released in 2019.

Android Q Features

Still no features are rumored

Android Q Phones List

So here is the list of eligible phones which are expected to get the Android Q OTA update:

Note: This is an expected phones list. Only Nokia has confirmed that all phones will get the Android Q update.

Android Q Download

Talking about the Android Q download, the beta versions would be available for download first.

  • Android Q beta 1
  • Android 10 beta 2
  • Beta 3 version

So, the first Android Q developer preview will be released in February 2019 and the subsequent launch in coming months.

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