5 App Types That Make Your Life Easier

Apps that makes life easier

Here check out 5 App types that make your Life Easier.

Research showed that Americans spend up to three hours a day using mobile apps. Plus, they tend to use up to five apps only. So, if so much of your life goes on specific apps, why not make it worth your time?

App Types that Make your Life Easier

Your app choices should make your life better and easier. Of course, some are only for passing the time, but many exist and do a good job on your behalf.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent examples.

For Time Saving

Productivity gets much easier when you become mindful of the way you spend your time.

Here are the apps for time-saving –

  • Hours Keeper – if you’re self-employed, you might find it a challenge to keep track of your hours. Hours Keeper simplifies and organizes the process, separating it into projects, pay periods, and clients. You can also create invoices using it.
  • Wunderlist – a solution to the chaos of multiple to-do lists, allowing you to organize them all in a single interface. Wunderlist also integrates with a calendar to set due dates and reminders.
  • 24me – personal assistants are expensive, but 24me is free. It’s a smart personal assistant app that organizes all your other task-based apps and notifies you accordingly.

For Health

Instead of having you sit slumped over it all day long, have your phone help you get moving and stay healthy.

  • Fooducate – knowledge of the food we eat and the way it impacts our bodies plays a big part in our health. Fooducate helps you gain full understanding beyond calories themselves.
  • Nudge – if you’re looking for motivation to stay on track, Nudge provides you with a challenge. It allows you to connect with and pose challenges to your friends, integrating with other apps to create an overall score.
  • Fitbit Coach – if personal trainers are too expensive, Fitbit Coach will deliver customized workout programs and other useful content instead.
  • MyFitnessPal – the app takes generalizations of health advice and tailors it to help you meet your caloric needs, fitness goals, and more.

For Money Management

Budgeting can be a bummer, but much less so with smart apps that do half of the work for you.

Here is how you can manage money –

  • Mint – an all-in-one resource for creating and tracking your budget. Connect your bank and credit card accounts, as well as your bills. Mint will even track your habits and use them to advise you on money matters.
  • You Need a Budget – built around the idea that every dollar has a place in your budget. YNAB forces you to live within your income and helps you balance if you get off track.
  • Wally – if you find it challenging to file your expenses, you’ll love the fact that Wally lets you take pictures and automatically enters them in your records. It saves time and effort that tends to go to manually entering expenses.

For Getting Around

Staying in a big city is not always easy, and even finding the quickest route can be a source of stress.

Here are the tools which you can use for getting around –

  • CityMaps2Go – download offline, searchable maps of major cities. It’s ideal for not spending too much data every time you go outside.
  • Word Lens – signs can be an issue when traveling abroad. Word Lens will translate visual printed text in real-time. All you need to do is snap a photo.
  • Waze – drivers share traffic delays in real-time on Waze, helping you avoid them.
  • Roadify – covers 50 US and Canadian cities, giving you transit data. You’ll not only know whether your next train is going to be there soon but the reason for a delay as well by using Roadify.

For Ease

Some apps come with a simple premise – to make your everyday life more hassle-free.

For ease, you can use the following app –

  • Boomerang – specify an amount of time from sending an email to getting a response. If you get no email back, you’ll get a notification. Plus, you can schedule your emails to send later and place messages back to the top of your inbox.
  • Quicksilver – if you pack many apps and files in folders on your phone, Quicksilver will ease the access to them.
  • Shinepay – with https://shinepay.co/laundromat, you can pay for your laundry without coins, trouble, and even without WiFi!
  • Flux – if you have sensitive eyes, Flux will adapt your displays to the time of day, saving you from headaches.

The Bottom Line

Time is everybody’s most valued currency. It’s only natural that you’re seeking ways to maximize productivity and make the most of your days.

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With digital innovation and an influx of available apps, doing so is entirely possible nowadays. Try some of the options we named above and have your technology work for you!

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