Apple 2016 Products – iPhone 6C, iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, Skylake MacBook

2015 was a major year for Apple. In quick succession they launched iPad Pro, Apple Watch, new Apple TV, iPod 6th Generation, last but not the least iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus smartphones. From smallest to largest, Apple released lot many products than compared to previous years. Moving on, the Cupertino tech giant has similar plans for 2016 as well, here we highlight major Apple 2016 products which are coming this year.

Apple 2016 Plans

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE finally got unveiled at March 21 event. So called as the special iPhone, it brings refreshing specs to the 4 inch iPhone and core-Apple fans will definitely love this move by Apple because iPhone 5S is now too old in terms of hardware-specs.

The iPhone SE gets the iPhone 6S camera and gets powerful enough to compete with existing iPhone models.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch in March 2016 will be celebrating its first anniversary and without any surprise iPhone SE was introduced. The Apple Watch 2 is now pushed for Q3, 2016 and WWDC event looks to be likely launch date of the device with shipment beginning in the following month.

Apple Watch 2 is rumored to include what had been missing on Apple Watch which was originally rushed for launch on big stage. It will include Skin conductivity, blood pressure and blood oxygen level sensors. It will be definitely thinner than the first generation Apple Watch and more interestingly we are likely to see FaceTime camera, WatchOS 3 and chip supporting Wi-Fi. Few rumours also points out that second generation of Apple Watch will be sporting water resistant body but that in our view isn’t possible, at least this year. Check Apple Watch 2 rumors.

iPhone 6C

Since iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is introducing two iPhone models with 4.7 inch and larger 5.5 inch display but on the other side there are people who still wants 4 inch iPhone model, for them iPhone SE is launched in 2016. iPhone 5C was the last handset with 4 inch display and its successor iPhone 6C is rumored since a long time. Unlike iPhone 5C which came up with plastic body, it will be aluminum or metal body and it will be the first iPhone model set for outside fall month launch since 2011. It’s pushed for late fall 2016 launch.

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iPad Air 3

A new Apple iPad Air upgraded version is coming every year since 2010 and this year also we might see iPad Air 3 ahead of iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 tablet. Planned launch is in mid 2016.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Finally the biggest of all of Apple 2016 product will be the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. The seventh generation of iPhone lineup is still far away from official launch but rumors continue to flow.

Regarding iPhone 7 rumors, it will be sporting waterproof body with still availability in 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch display. It will be thinner than iPhone 6S series and it will be sporting 2 or 3 Gigs of RAM, OS 10 with AMOLED display. It’s set for fall 2016 launch with shipping starting within two weeks of announcement. Further rumours claims that iPhone 7 will sport sapphire crystal display protection.

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MacBook Air

Retina Macbook was unveiled in April 2016 and although Macbook Air future remains uncertain, Apple will not ditch it any sooner. MacBook Air 2016 is definitely coming and plans are to launch 13 and 15 inch Macbook Air models in mid-2016, maybe at Worldwide Developers Conference.

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So an eventful year scheduled for Apple.

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