The Fact That Apple has no Manufacturing Facilities of its own

Apple manufacturing plant

The Fact That Apple has no Manufacturing Facilities of its own and where they are getting its products manufactured.

Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company and the most trusted technology company in the world. The Cupertino tech giant is not only a leader in smartphones through iPhone but also a leader in tablet PC through their iPad and now they have become #1 in AirPods and Apple Watches.

Apple Manufacturing Plants:

Apple Inc has manufacturing plans worldwide to diversify manufacturing and achieve stability. The following are the countries where Apple products are made –


As of now, China’s main supplier Foxconn is more dependent on their factories set up in China. People’s Republic of China (PRC) or China are the same.


Apple has plans to make 25% of its products in India given government support but currently, the production stands currently at 6 to 7%.


Both India and Vietnam are considered the alternative to China’s production. Cupertino tech giant supplier Foxconn has invested $300 million to make Macbooks in this part of the world by setting up a 111-acre unit in North Province.


To meet up the supply demand in North American countries, Apple has plants in Brazil that meet some of its supplies.

All these factories are setup not by Apple but by their supply partners Foxconn and others.

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So the fact that Apple has no manufacturing facilities of its own anywhere in the world. So clearly they want to be independent and don’t take the headache of manufacturing as they concentrate on sales.

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