Apple iOS 8.3 Update, Release Date – Problems

Apple iOS 8.3 update

Unlike previous years, Apple had plans to quickly release the latest software updates ASAP. So iOS 8.1, 8.2 followed with iOS 8.3 this year itself and now iOS 9 is anticipated. Back since iOS 5 in 2011, every fall there was major release and follow-up release within 3-4 months. iOS 6 was launch in September 2013 and then in January 2013, there was an iOS 6.1 update. Similar things go with iOS 7 which got unveiled in the month of September 2014 and iOS 7.1 update arrived in March next year.

iOS 8.3 Update

The Cupertino based tech giant recently released iOS 8.1.3 update which eliminates the amount of free space required to carry software update and this is pretty helpful for those devices which have low internal memory like the iPhone 5C 8 GB version or earlier models.

While there are many major bug fixes in 8.1.3 build, there is 8.2 scheduled and even at some point of time, there is iOS 8.1.3 in Apple’s mind.

iOS 8.3 Update Release Date

It’s been said that the iOS 8.3 will be releasing in Spring this year and Apple is looking to take technology to a new height. The iOS 8.3 update will not only focus on iPhone or iPods or tablets but it will be a revolution in home entertainment such as television. In correlation, Apple has decided to come up with their own television sets.

Update — iOS 8.3 Update is Available

This is defmitely a new step from the Cupertino based tech giant. Typically they don’t come up with ‘0.3’ software updates but for the first time, ever since incorporation they will be breaking the record by introducing the ‘0.3 release’.

I am sure that the upcoming iOS 8.3 release will defmitely make Apple fans excited and eagerly await for the release.

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