In this guide check out how to get Apple iPad Air screenshot captured when you encounter error or show high score to a friend.

Here comes Apple iPad Air the world’s fastest tablet. As fast as it gets, we are fast enough to bring you guide on how to take screenshot on iPad Air tablet.

Taking screenshot on tablets and mobile phone is fun and iPad Air with iOS 7 makes it more interesting with latest features, improvements. Still you can do lot more with hidden features, tips and tricks. So here we go through guide on how you can take screenshot on your Air tablet powered by Apple.Apple iPad Air Screen capture

  • Open the screen for which you need to take screenshot.
  • You should be aware of Power button and Home button location on your device. Home button is located at the middle of your tablet’s front lower side and Power key is on the top.
  • Now press and hold the Power key and then press down Home key for about two seconds until you here shutter sound on your tablet.
  • Now release the buttons.

An animation will be seen on iPad Air and that confirms successful screenshot. You can go through notification panel to browse through the file location.

If you still not able to take screenshot or facing any issue, then do let us know about it, we will help you out!