Apple has started sharing iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus shipping details with customers who have pre-ordered it.

For those who have pre-ordered their latest vibe of iPhone aka the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6S Plus are definitely waiting for their device to arrive their doorstep. Any update regarding shipping is welcomed and now we have that piece of information as Apple has started sending out notification containing information which includes Order Number, expected shipping date.Apple Shipping Date

Shared on PhoneArena, screenshot shows out Nathan's details of iPhone 6S Plus Space Gray 64 GB shipping date as 24 September 2015. So that definitely going as planned September 25th availability. That dates shows the availability for the Space Gray, Gold and Silver color options.

Well that's Nathan who shared the details and he is among the first few customers to bring it up online. Many people would have got the details of their iPhone shipping information.

Did you hear anything about shipping of your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus purchase?

Via: PhoneArena