Apple iPhone 6S Benchmark Results, Score, Comparison

Apple iPhone 6S Benchmark Results

By the time you read this, you will be holding iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus [early receivers and on time receivers] in your hands but what surprising is the pretty quick arrival for Adrienne who received her iPhone 6S Rose Gold much early than expected. She went wild and shared as many photos as possible on her Twitter profile. She also carried out GeekBench testing on it and the Apple iPhone 6S Benchmark results are out both for multi-core and single-core.

iPhone 6S GeekBench Score

Apple iPhone 6S according Adrienne achieve’s the following results on GeekBench –

  • Single-Core Score – 2413
  • Multi-Core Score – 4795

During the GeekBench it was confirmed that iPhone 6S phone is running Apple A9X processor with 2 GB RAM. Those results above are way better than iPad Mini 3, Retina iPad Mini and even iPad Air 2 tablet.

Thanks Adrienne for the screenshot.

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