Method to Get iPhone 6S Plus Screenshot

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are the recent new smartphones by Apple available for purchase worldwide. Now then all the rumors, availability is no longer hidden, we go through some iPhone 6S Plus how to, tips and tricks guide. First among them is to get iPhone 6S Plus screenshot achieved.Apple iPhone 6S Plus

While we have gone through guide on how to take screenshot on iPhone 6S, here we explain the same on iPhone 6S Plus.

Taking screenshot on your device is a default property and for that you doesn’t need to have an app or have your device jail-broken. It’s definitely simple process.

iPhone 6S Plus Screenshot

Follow the guide mentioned below to get iPhone 6S Plus screenshot –

  • On your iPhone 6S Plus, know the exact location of Power/Wake up button and the Home button. The Home button is on the front side bottom center and the Power button is located ion the right side edge of the device.
  • Your right hand’s index finger should be pointing to Power button and left hand finger thumb should be on the Home button.
  • Navigate to the page for which you want to take screenshot.
  • You need to press the combination of Power button and Home button together for atleast 2-3 seconds until you see flashy animation on your device.Screenshot on iPhone 6S Phone
  • No rocket science, just press of two button together. You might not be successful at first attempt but give it a second try or even third. It works and doesn’t require your device to be jailbroken.

iPhone 6S Plus screenshots are saved safely under All Photos on your iPhone.