Apple for iPhone 7 to Ditch 16 GB in Favor of 256 GB Variant

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Apple technology is reached a stage where it’s looking to advance and going forward we might not see the 16 GB iPhone versions. Yes, you heard it right, with iPhone 7, Apple has plans to introduce the 256 GB version and at the same time ditch the 16 GB variant.

The new iPhone 7 will be released in fall 2016, dates aren’t currently made official but it will be in the month of September. According to Kevin Wang, the tech analyst at IHS Technology in China claims that minimum storage capacity from iPhone 7 and new launches will be 32 GB. Further on his Weibo account he added that iPhone 7 will be powered with 2 GB RAM.

According to earlier leaks, the 256 GB version of iPhone will be named as iPhone 7 Plus and it will be available in all those colors that iPhone SE is sold in.

Going through the track record of Mr Wang, he had previously predicted many leaks and many of them turned out to be true. Just like Ming-Chi Kuo he is also a trusted tech analyst.

Why to Ditch 16 GB iPhone?

It’s a good idea because 16 GB internal storage version actually provides very less storage capacity. More than is consumed by system resources, iCloud, iOS bloatware and you are just left with 8 to 9 GB of storage left. When you install Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, YouTube, WhatsApp or any popular apps you are just left with 4 to 5 GB. This is definitely too low for photos and videos. You can’t have more than 8 apps on your device.

And in the past with 16 GB, Apple had troubles but what they can do is nothing because in growing countries in Asia and Africa people have liked it a lot because they are getting the iPhone brand at really cheaper price. Furthermore, Apple for selected countries have even introduced the 8 GB variant.

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