Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB Variant with Bigger Battery Reported

Officially Launched Apple iPhones

A new report claims that Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB variant is coming with bigger battery life.

Alright, after so many rumors in December, this month as well we might have enough number of rumors on iPhone 7. Last week, iPhone 7 was spotted in a new photo, although it looked like more of a fake photo. Along with iPhone 7, it’s bigger brother in the form of iPhone 7 Plus will be launched with 5.5 inch display and when we say iPhone 7 it generally applies to iPhone 7 Plus as well because except the screen size and battery capacity all other internal specifications will remain same.

Officially Launched Apple iPhones
Officially Launched Apple iPhones

To make it to headlines this week, we have a new report on Chinese media site MyDrivers claims that the new iPhone 7 Plus will feature 256 GB storage configuration. That’s quite surprising because until now iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus came up with maximum of 128 GB internal storage and minimum of 16 Gigs of storage. With more people filing lawsuit on 16 GB iPhone models, it’s highly unlikely that iPhone 7 will be available in 16 GB variant. Furthermore making four different models in terms of internal storage might sound awkward. So, iPhone 7 Plus will be arriving with starting 32 GB variant followed with 128 GB and 256 GB whereas iPhone 7 should be out with 32 GB or 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variant.

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Frankly speaking 256 GB on iPhone 7 Plus sounds like a bit weird as it’s almost half of an average PC storage. Don’t get me wrong but 128 GB is more than enough even though you don’t have a micro SD card slot on iPhone’s.

Keeping aside the practical point of view, I would like to see iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB model come into play this fall and it will be quite interesting to see how Apple drafts it in Fall 2016 keynote. And there is no need to say that it will be available in all four colors – Space Grey, Silver Gold and Pink.

And finally, just like all other Apple rumors, nothing is official here; all these are just the rumors.

Source: MyDrivers

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