Apple iPhone 7 Prototype Video Leaked – Fake or Real?

Apple iPhone 7 Leak

After iPhone 6S mania, time and focus of Apple has now shifted in making iPhone 7, the next generation of iPhone. With every iPhone model, Apple has given then best and they are out to bring the best from iPhone 7 as well.

A new iPhone 7 video has emerged, claimed to be from Foxconn, the manufacturer of iPhone. The video shows the proto-type of the next iPhone i.e., the iPhone 7.

The video of guy holding the iPhone 7 prototype has been leaked and it was first spotted by but trusted sources claims that it’s a fake video[Read More].

Quite obviously that people wants to get attention and ViralVideoLab is one such YouTube channel which is caught here to come up with Fake iPhone 7 video. We are still 9-10 months ahead of official iPhone 7 release and before that model comes up we will definitely have iPhone 6C or maybe a plastic iPhone in first half of 2016 – something which Apple hasn’t done it in the past.

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