4 New iPhone 2018 Models Rumored: One Could be Apple iPhone with Dual SIM

Apple iPhone with Dual SIM

With so many budget iPhone alternatives available (OnePlus 6 is super iPhone X knock-off at one-third of its price) and shaky sales in the last couple of quarters, Apple could be looking to for more ways to get the odds out. The Cupertino tech giant is looking to close cons that it has received for various customers for not using iPhone. One of them is why Apple iPhone doesn’t include Dual SIM? The answer could be the next Apple phone, i.e., Apple iPhone with Dual SIM.

Three new iPhone X models were rumored after the revolutionary launch in 2017. According to Foxconn, iPhone Dual SIM will be exclusive to 6.1 inch low-end LCD model. Foxconn employees suggests that the Cupertino tech giant is producing four unique model numbers (801, 802, 803 and 804) for the upcoming 2018 iPhones. These could be easily marked as Apple iPhone 2018 with 5.8 inch display, 6.1 inch display and third one with 6.4 inch display. The fourth one, however, could be the Apple double sim card mobile.

Still the name that it will carry either Apple iPhone X Plus or iPhone X Pro or iPhone Xs or iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Plus isn’t known yet. Since there are four new models, we believe that it could be the iPhone X1, iPhone X1 Plus, iPhone X Pro and iPhone X1 Pro or even we could see Apple iPhone X2 series.

Dual SIM Apple iPhone will allow users to have two SIM cards with dual standby. Although it might not be the most used feature in the United States but for countries like India, South Africa, and China where telecos have war game with jaw-dropping offers, dual SIM phones have become almost compulsory. Even I would like to have a smartphone with two SIM cards in it.

In future, we could see a lot more of Apple Dual SIM phone with both SIM supporting 4G VoLTE. Would you like to see Apple iPhone in dual SIM? Do let us know and subscribe to our instant notifications.

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