Apple iPhone with OLED Display in Works

iPhone OLED Panel Patent
Apple patent filing for Curved Display on iPhone

iPhone OLED Display: Apple’s plan to introduce iPhone with OLED display is only possible practical in 2018.

According to leading industry source, Apple is keen to adopt flexible screen on its upcoming flagship phone. The Cupertino based global IT giant is serious about organic light emitting diode [OLED] display on future iPhone models. The current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are with LCD panel and they are doing good, what if Apple releases an iPhone with OLED display based flexible screen? Definitely it will create a huge market as this technology hasn’t been used Apple on their iPhone until now. Only Apple Watch is the device that is with OLEDs panel supplied by LG.

Image Source – PhoneArena

Both Samsung and LG are only the two companies in world back of OLED display research and production works. LG has scheduled to transform into OLED making enterprise, sidelining LCD manufacturing unit in order to have mass production by 2017.

LG has its own line of smartphone with flexible devices, like the G Flex and G Flex 2 smartphone. Samsung were rumored to release a handset with OLED display a year back but its only now that we see them coming with mirror and transparent OLED displays.

Apple’s top-tier display makers are working on iPhone with OLED panel and we might only see such an iPhone only in 2018. This should match the history of Apple to come up with a new technology, wherein they bring it to their product line only when its mature enough. So we will not see them on iPhone 6S, that’s for sure.

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