Do Apple Users Really Need a Mac Data Recovery Software?

Apple Mac Data Recovery software

In this blog, we are going to tell the reasons for data loss, the best way to prevent data loss, how T2 chip prevents data theft, need for a Mac data recovery software, and how to use the software.

Reasons for Data Loss

  1. Permanent deletion of data using Delete Immediately or Empty Trash option
  2. Permanent deletion of data via Option + Shift + Command + Delete key combinations
  3. Accidental erasure/format of storage drive (SSD, HDD, USB Flash Drive, Memory Card)
  4. Corruption of drive’s file system, thereby rendering its stored data inaccessible
  5. Encryption of storage drive, which requires a password to open and garbles file content
  6. Data loss due to virus infection in the storage drive
  7. A system crash or improper shut down due to power failure

Best Way to Prevent Data Loss—3-2-1 Backup Strategy

One way to avert data loss is to backup data to an external storage drive. Use “Time Machine”—the built-in data backup utility provided in macOS High Sierra for performing an automated backup—which backs up data on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

But, merely backing data on a single storage device will not help. You need to follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy. This ensures you get back data as and when required without any unpleasant surprises, as mentioned next.

  1. Make at least three backup copies to create data redundancy for a good reason that is to restore files in case of worst data loss scenarios. For instance, one copy needs to be present on Mac’s inbuilt storage drive and two other copies on external backup drives.
  2. Use two different backup media types to ensure no two different kinds can fail simultaneously due to the difference in data storage technology. For example, choose a hard disk drive and a solid-state drive or a cloud backup drive to backup data.
  3. Keep at least one backup copy offsite to ascertain in case of natural calamity the other offsite backup storage drive can be used to restore data. Besides, synchronize critical data to cloud storage medium; this you can use it for immediate data restoration.

How T2 Chip Prevents Data Theft

Apple’s iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro has an inbuilt T2 chip with advanced security features that require a new process to recover data. The T2 chip replaced special SSD connector for data recovery that was present on the previous generation MacBook Pro.

The T2 chip password protects firmware, secures boot, and restricts external boot. Further, it performs on fly SSD encryption whenever anyone removes the storage drive from the machine, thereby providing robust security against data theft.

Need for a Mac Data Recovery Software

Now the question arises if data backup is such a powerful technique to nullify data loss then why do we need a data recovery solution for Mac.

The following clarifies the need:

  1. A backup solution is not used or ignored, which generally is the case for some Mac users
  2. Backup is not current that is no backup was taken before the occurrence of data loss
  3. Backup file is not synched to the cloud prior disaster due to inactive internet connection
  4. The backup drive is unavailable, corrupt, or lost due to non-usage of 3-2-1 backup strategy
  5. Any of the reasons for data loss (listed previously) without a proper backup for restoration

Steps to Use a Data Recovery Software

The precise steps to recover using mac data recovery software may differ but the general steps include the following as illustrated in the infographic:

Felicitations, you have recovered your lost data successfully using the steps above. Open the files from the saved location to check the same. Next time, you must back up data using Time Machine as well as save critical data to iCloud. It acts as a proactive measure against any data loss incident.


The blog answered the query “Do Apple Users Really Need a Mac Data Recovery Software?” The answer is “No” for all data recovery wishers who have a backup as a savior. In case of lack of backup, use a Mac data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to safeguard yourself against inadvertent data loss. The DIY software recovers standard file formats easily and quickly from any Mac storage device be it external or internal.

Manish Bhickta is a Data Recovery wizard with Stellar Data Recovery for more than 5 years. He loves to troubleshoot mac OS issue and write technical tips and tutorials around them.

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