Asus is now updating their ZenFone first generation lineup with Lollipop update. One word - finally true.

Earlier Asus reported that they were experiencing some with Lollipop update delivery to the first generation of ZenFone devices. The Lollipop update was on actual 'Asus Lollipop Schedule' but some issue stopped Asus from sending update to the loyal customers. The issue has been resolved and so called as re-update are now called as Asus ZenFone Lollipop update.
Asus ZenFone Lollipop

Asus ZenFone Lollipop Update

If you own ZenFone 5 or ZenFone 6 or even ZenFone 4, you are most likely to see update notification available on your device.Asus ZenFone Lollipop