AT&T has added a new $75 Monthly Plan which provides 7 GB Data per month.

AT&T has announced a new monthly plan growing the list of existing Mobile Share Value plans. The AT&T $75 monthly plan will give you 7 Gigs of data which can be shared with other users. This plan also includes unlimited talktime and text. Earlier to this AT&T also introduced $45 plan and $15 plan.AT&T Monthly Plan

This plan can be combined with AT&T Next which allows you to lend your smartphone for free but the actual cost of the device is covered in monthly EMI added to the postpaid plan. This $75 plan is available for limited period of time.

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With 7 Gb data you can stream 60 hours of music or 12 hours of videos or you can surf for more than 100 hours on web. You can also share 500 posts with photos on social media or download 50 mobile apps.