Check the AT&T Amazon phone rumors, price, availability dates.

Rumors relating to Amazon phone will finally come to an end when US based second largest world retailer will have an official announcement. Just like how Motorola has gone with recent Moto phones, Amazon phone will be AT&T exclusive, claims the report from Wall Street Journal. That means that no other carrier except AT&T will have the stock of Amazon phones. This will extend Amazon partnership with AT&T from the time of Kindle tablets to e-readers. Furthermore, this move could help AT&T gain new subscribers to stay among the top four carriers in United States.Amazon Phone rumors

Regarding the smartphone, it has been teased officially in a video apart from several other alleged press images, photos in the wild. Although none of the hardware specifications isn’t known to us, the device will be out with glasses-free 3D display. Talking about the glasses-free 3D content, HTC and LG have experimented on it a year ago but no such phones has launched in the market until now. So will Amazon become the first company to come out with distinctive smartphone? Will Amazon first phone be manufactured by either LG or HTC? I know there are several question in your mind and all of them awaits the official launch.

The June 18 happens to be the official date of Amazon phone announcement, first of its kind. Until now Amazon has only come up with several tablets.