Right after Lumia 120 information for July 11 launch, Evleaks has confirmed that Lumia 909 will be another device heading for launch in United States via AT&T. Codenamed as Elvis purported image of the device is available at Twitter profile of Evleaks.Nokia Lumia 909

It’s unclear whether Elvis is the name of the device or it’s just the code name. Some reports suggest that Nokia has codenamed it as EOS, so indirectly this means that Elvis might be the code name of the device. Rather than reading about code name of the device, we are much more interested in what would be the possible specs of the device. Since nothing other than 41 mega pixel camera with Xenon flash LED flash has worked for Nokia in the recent past, Lumia 909 would be equipped with one of the best camera from Finland smartphone maker.

At July 11 in London, Nokia is scheduled to launch next flagship Lumia 1020 and both of the devices mentioned here are for AT&T United States. No details whether they will be available via other carriers or not. While Lumia 1020 will be available in Black, White and Yellow color variants, no reports of various colors for 909.

Expecting Android on Lumia device? No says Nokia as they are not yet done with Windows Phone. It’s clear that Lumia devices are not working for Nokia but for Windows Platform, it will be good news, since Nokia is the sole manufacturer to come give a go with Windows mobile OS.

No availability & pricing information is said right now but we can know them at the event.

Via: Evleaks