With HTC putting an end to One Series of smartphones almost nearly and One X+ was the last smartphone launched last year to refresh the lineup. The One X+ via AT&T will be now available for purchase via Amazon Wireless at a price of $ 79.99.

This offer comes with delivery of One X+ smartphone just within 48 hours and this is valid for the customers who have two years of contract with AT&T. If you want to upgrade then you need to pay $ 139.99. With this deal you are saving $ 520 which is 86% of the total base price of the device.HTC One X+

Going through the specifications of One X+ smartphone, it will feature 4.7 inches Super LCD 2 HD display with quad core processor clocked at 1.7 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset and 1 Gb of RAM. It packs 64 GB internal memory storage and there is Android 4.1 jelly Bean version pre-installed on the device itself. Through the 4G LTe network of AT&T on this mobile you can enjoy the fast download upload data speed. It has 8 mega pixel camera on the rear side and provides HTC Sense user interface. It has 1.6 mega pixel camera on front facing side.

If this deals sounds too good for you and if you are lover of HTC smartphones then this certainly is a worth go deal.

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