AT&T is increasing mobile data limits per month for its Mobile Share Value Plans and also introduces two new plans. So you have now more reasons to download more music, share photos and send emails and you should be looking no further for a different plan on an alternative technique to reduce bandwidth.AT&T Monthly Plan

Affective from November 2, $70 monthly plan charge will give you 6 GB free data as opposed to previous 4 GB, while 3 GB for $40 plan as opposed to 2 GB earlier. All of these above mentioned AT&T monthly plans includes unlimited voice calls and text SMSs (unlimited international messages) as well.

With AT&T Next plan you can get smartphone for free but you need to pay monthly additional cost of the device for a year. Like if you are going with AT&T 3GB per month plan, you will just have to pay $65 a month for that and if you are eligible, you can get a smartphone every year. Adding a tablet to your plan will cost additional $10 only.

Via: AT&T