The Nexus 6 is only phone apart from Nexus 9 running on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version by Android mobile operating system announced few weeks back.AT&T Nexus 6

If you happen to be in United States and wanted to get the best of the Nexus phones, then here comes the AT&T Nexus 6 phone which is right now available for pre-order priced at $249.99. Note that this phone is limited for AT&T network in United States and also available in under several AT&T monthly plans.

You can get AT&T Nexus 6 with following AT&T plans –

  • 2 Years Contract – $249.99 onetime upfront + monthly plans
  • AT&T Next Installment 24 months Plan – $22.77/month
  • AT&T Next Installment 18 months Plan – $28.46/month
  • AT&T Next Installment 12 months Plan – $34.15/month
  • Unlocked Handset – $682.99

If you pre-order Nexus 6 from AT&T website the shipment will be done by 18 November 2014 and will be arriving within next 48 hours.

Via: AT&T