AT&T RollOver Data Rules, Limits & other FAQs

AT&T Roll over Data

Check out AT&T RollOver Data rules, Limits & other FAQs and how does at&t rollover data work.

US carriers are cutting losses as earlier this morning AT&T exclusively announced that they will now offer Rollover Data at no additional cost from January 25th, 2015 for both new and existing customers.

AT&T RollOver Data

This Roll over AT&T data will be right now available to Mobile Share Value customers only and unused data can be carried over to next month’s billing only. In comparison to T-Mobile Data Stash which allows remaining data to carry over to 12 months, AT&T is for just the next billing cycle.

Remember that this is not the first time that AT&T has used the “rollover” term on Cingular Wireless and it’s making its debut again.

Glenn Lurie, President and CEO AT&T Mobility during press release said —

“Rollover Data is an added benefit of being an AT&T Mobile Share Value customer and it’s just another way that we’re saying thanks to our more than 50 million plus Mobile Share Value subscribers. We’re providing even more value and flexibility, and the best part is it’s simple, shareable and easy to track for our customers. All Mobile Share Value customers get this automatically.”

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How Does AT&T rollover data work:

It’s quite simple to understand how does the AT&T data on mobile networks works.

The data that has been unused this month or this billing cycle is rolled over for the next month.

This roll-over ATT data works for 12 months. Wow! That’s good.

With this announcement from AT&T and already a similar offering from T-Mobile from last month, the question is whether this will end up as an industry-wide trend among all the four major carriers in the USA?

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