AT&T WiFi Calling gets FCC approval nod amid questioning FCC behavior on T-Mobile & Sprint WiFi Calls.

Back in August AT&T was testing out WiFi calling on iPhone on iOS 9 beta 5 and now it gets official FCC approval. The Federal Communication Commission [FCC] has granted permission to AT&T for offering WiFi calling.WiFi Calling Option on iPhone

AT&T was planning to deploy Wi-Fi Calling on the day of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus launch, September 25 but the release was delayed just because of FCC approval requirement. Now that the green signal comes from the Commission, feature will be soon available in the upcoming iOS 9 build, maybe on iOS 9.0.3 update and it will not require TTY.

AT&T introduced WiFi Calling on iOS 8 for users who had network issues and allowed them to place calls over a local WiFi. Its a really helpful feature especially in region with poor network services.

Jim Cicconi, AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs said –

We’re grateful the FCC has granted AT&T’s waiver request so we can begin providing Wi-Fi calling. At the same time we are left scratching our heads as to why the FCC still seems intent on excusing the behavior of T-Mobile and Sprint, who have been offering these services without a waiver for quite some time. Instead of initiating enforcement action against them, or at least opening an investigation, the agency has effectively invited them to now apply for similar waivers and implied that their prior flaunting of FCC rules will be ignored.

The company will be using the faster, richer, better and the latest real-time text [RTT] technology instead of decade old teletype services [TTY].