In this guide checkout how to fix “You must authenticate the user or provide author_name and author_email Error”.

Disqus is the best commenting system for blogs and website. It not only gives you great control and options but also increases user engagement. While normally commenting on a blog, I came across a weird problem. I was posting a comment on a website, sorry I don’t want to disclose the website name and it was a weird error. The error reads –

You Must Authenticate the user or provide author_name and author_email

I have attached screenshot with the error here

Disqus ErrorWhen this happen, you will not be able to post the comment.

Disqus Commenting Error

I investigated on it and I did found the solution for it alongside with the reason why it happens.

Disqus Comment Error

The solution to this error is very straight-forward. Here is how you can fix this error –

  • Open Disqus website in a browser and login using your credentials.
  • Once logged in, head on to your profile page and edit your profile. Here is the direct link to profile editing-¬†
  • Now provide your full name, biography, location and every other details it ask for. You can skip those that you don’t want to disclose. Remember that this is your public profile and it will be visible to all.Disqus Error fixing
  • Finally click on Save.

Once you do that you will not see that Disqus commenting error while posting the comment.