How to Auto Update iPhone Passbook Cards on iPhone, iPads

auto update Apple Passcode

In this guide check out how to auto update iPhone Passbook cards on iPhone, and iPad.

Updating a passbook card in your iPhone with the latest information is really a beneficial deal. the most important thing to know about updating the phone card is that you will get urgent notification of the changes made in your events.

Being one among the most effective tools, this will help you to know even last minute changes.

If you are looking for the way to update a passbook card on iPhone, you should follow points given below.

How to update the Passbook Card?

Updating the passbook card is not a tough task. Here is the whole process to be followed stepwise –

  • Open the Passbook app and select the card you want to enable.
  • Choose the card for an Automatic update.
  • In the corner at the lower hand of the card, you will see an info button. Tap on that button.
  • You will get an option of automatic update there, switch on to Automatic update.

If you don’t prefer automatic updates for the passbook cards, you need nothing but to turn them off according to your requirement.

For this purpose follow the same process up to the third step and switch off automatic option at the fourth step.

This is all to be done for updating the card. Remember that passbook card is not applicable on iPad and it is compatible only with iOS 11 and iPhone 8.

Plan timely notifications now

Updating passbook cards is very easy as they require simple manual updating. On the other hand, you can also expect a card for automatic updates so that you won’t have to update the card every time manually.

This is now you can get updated information about flights, events, movies and many more things. Making your schedule and avoiding unnecessary hassles due to a sudden change in events can be handled easily now.

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