Aweber: Ideal in Autoresponder or Not

Aweber Autoresponder

If we talk about the Aweber then this software will have the most responsive email designs as compared to the other ones. This means that the emails will have the capability of resizing them according to the screen of the user. This feature becomes a bit important because as we all are using a smartphone and laptops very subsequently. You can set the mobile view very easily in the Aweber software.

For resizing it to the mobile view you need to click on the preview button and then need to select the mobile option and your view will be set out according to the screen of your mobile. But if you have any doubt then you may also check them via sending the test mails on your mobile phones and tablets.

Use the web fonts of Aweber

Like the other competitors of Aweber also have a wide collection of web fonts in its software. These web fonts are comparatively better than the other softwares. This is one of the best things that this software will have because web fonts are one of the greatest things that software can offer to you.

Sometimes these web fonts are restricted by the marketing apps because they will make your mail even more attractive than before. Not only the attractiveness but they also help you in enhancing the brand and making it even more attractive than before. It will also help you to catch out a lot more newsletter to your brand. The fonts that are available in Aweber are Lato, Arvo, Open Sans, Merriweather, Merriweather sans, Noticia Text, Roboto, Permanent Marker, Source Sans Pro and lot more fonts. It is true that these fonts will provide your template a completely different look. These fonts are from the selected fonts that are awarded the brownie point.

RSS to email templates

Like other e-marketing products, Aweber review by Petar also says, it provides you the service of RSS feed and even it will turn the report of RSS into an e-newsletter which you can send according to the time defined by you. In the language of Aweber, it is known with the name of Blog broadcasts. This feature is not something unique you can easily use this feature in any other software that will have the RSS feed.

If you look into the functionality of it then it is very handy or easy for the bloggers to use this. This feature is for those bloggers who want to receive automatically generated e-newsletter on their mail.

This means you can manage your newsletter power according to your need and requirement. This thing will be turned off a big time saver for most of the bloggers.

There is a drawback that might take off your interest from this. You cannot use web design in the feature of newsletters. For that, they will provide you a particular set of rules from which you need to select the design that will perfectly set up to your newsletter and is of your use.

But there is a feature which will make you a bit relax the set of designs provided by the software is a bit similar to the other designs of Aweber. But the rest of the designs looks very annoying and have a very childish look. Another drawback is that you cannot edit the designs according to your requirement in the newsletters.


Autoresponder are the series that will trigger out the emails according to the need of the user or with the time. This is also considered as one of the most essential parts of the e-marketing solutions. Aweber will also claim that they had already invented the feature of an autoresponder in 1998 and they will also say that they have the best quality autoresponders with them. But the truth is they are just okay. On the other hand, it is very easy to set up the autoresponder within a very short span of time.

Let’s understand it with an example- suppose you have any onboarding emails on your account so whenever it will automatically send through auto-responders whenever you sign up. You can use the autoresponders if you want to send the emails like Follow Us on Facebook which you need to send to the customer after two or three days of enrolling. This is considered as one of the typical features of Aweber. The drawback of trigger autoresponder is that they are less extensive as compared to the other competitors of Aweber.

To use the feature of automation you need to first create the goals and then you have to tag the autoresponders so that they will start working in a very sophisticated manner. But if you wish to use this feature in a positive way or in an advanced way then you might have to look on the other softwares like Getresponse who will provide you some extra and great features of marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

This is one of the features which is quite popular in the email marketing companies like Aweber. With the help of marketing automation, you can also regulate the flow of your mails like where they are going and who is the user that will receive it. You can also determine the user according to their link clicks, email opens, site visits, purchases made by the user and a lot more things.

There are some features in Aweber like Aweber Campaigns which will help you in monitoring where your emails are going and who will receive them. Whether this feature might need the upgradations to compete with their competitors like Getresponse.


With the final words, we conclude that Aweber is an average software in the matters of autoresponders and other features. This conclusion will only describe the Aweber review by Petar. If you are looking for cheaper software then you might use it or if you don’t want it for heavy work then also you can prefer it.  But for the professional work, you might need to switch to the other softwares.

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