5 Awesome Edtech Apps 2024

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When you ask an average college student or an educator about the most amazing Edtech apps these days, the answers will vary because it will depend on the LMS platforms that a person uses. If someone is used to starting Canvas for every educational college task, you will learn that it offers excellent content management tools. Now, approaching something like Kahoot! app for learning will result in different academic objectives and address specific target age groups. It means that educational technology apps should be explored through the lens of what you have to achieve. The purpose is to make things easier and enhance the process itself.

Awesome Edtech Apps 2024

  1. Explain Everything App

Going beyond the famous LMS apps we all know of, like Blackboard or Canvas, it’s good to choose something a bit different for a change. Explain Everything app is an amazing design tool where you can add life to your presentations and lessons. You can use simple animation tools and narrate the subtitles via short audio clips. Set special alerts and use sound effects to help students see how well they progress through the lessons. It’s an interactive tool where you can leave feedback and make it personalized based on every student’s vision and skills. You can also use the whiteboard feature to apply your writing skills as well. In case something is unclear, you must start with one click essay. It will help you to keep your writing condensed and accurate! When you keep things interactive and can do it easier, there is no reason not to try out this helpful app!

  1. HelloTalk Language Learning App

If you would like to learn a foreign language and practice your native linguistic skills at the same time, HelloTalk is one of the best free ways to learn. It has a great community that consists of thousands of people that can be contacted online via audio, video, or text. You can teach each other and make new friends as you meet foreigners who are fond of learning languages based on what you specify in your profile.

  1. Stop Motion Studio

Since it became available as an app, it has been quite popular among creative personalities. You can create stop-motion videos and animations. There are many helpful tools and templates that allow you to create a multimedia presentation or take your boring assignment to another level, as you can add your writing in a spoken form and add short videos. You can use free examples and templates to edit things as you learn, which is another great educational benefit.

  1. Remind

As we are living in a hectic schedule and follow a way of life that makes it almost unbearable to learn something, it’s high time to explore the solutions that can remind us of the important dates and things we have to do. Unlike the typical “reminder” apps, Remind also makes communicating and exchanging information easier based on the universal timetable you may have for school or a street project, a field trip, or group assignment ideas. It also has several tech tools that can make your notes unique, which is a good way to inspire students or make the other students know what is meant for them to make their learning fun!

  1. Goosechase

This great app is aimed at younger learners who do not mind getting involved in a great online adventure. It makes it possible to create special scavenger hunts (working in separate teams) as the teachers can assign special tasks and direct students to take pictures, share what they find, post comments on the school’s website, and create various projects.

Reading Reviews Always Helps!

Although we all have our opinions about what suits us best, it doesn’t mean that we should not take our time to explore something new and share what we think. Once you find an EdTech app that you really like or a solution that sounds appealing, do not hurry to download it right away or spend your funds! Start by reading the reviews and testimonials from the developers and the users. It will provide you with a plethora of various opinions and uncover the best learning approaches as you use this or that. In the end, it might even push you beyond your comfort zone and inspire you to pursue different methods of learning. So take your time and become an explorer because it is truly the right way to go!

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