Moving from one device to another or formatting your phone requires backup of all data on your phone. Definitely you will consider backing up your WhatsApp data and what could be best option other than cloud backup.backup WhatsApp Conversations

Backup WhatsApp Conversations on Cloud

Normally WhatsApp data is backed up usually at 4 AM every night on to your SD card. What happen if you format your SD card or if it gets corrupted? You will end up losing all your important data since WhatsApp has replaced your preferred messaging app. It’s advised to backup WhatsApp Conversations on cloud instead of SD card storage so that you live hassle free of your backups. WhatsBack Pro App

WhatsBack Pro is an Android app which allows you to backup WhatsApp conversations, chat history to any of your online cloud storage. Not only backup, it can also restore chat automatically. It apps supports backing up WhatsApp+ Conversations as well.WhatsBack Pro App

WhatsBack Pro Features

  • Saves your WhatsApp Messages Every Day.
  • Versioning is available, can be enabled from Settings.
  • Without internet it can backup data.
  • Easily restore chat
  • Supports WhatsApp Plus as well

WhatsBack Pro is a paid app costing you $1.49 one time and you can download it for free from Grey app market.

WhatsBack Pro Play Store Link