Looking to back up your Windows 10 files so that it can be accessed anywhere you want it. Here we bring you a tutorial on how to backup your Windows 10 files to OneDrive. OneDrive is an online storage for your files. Once you get OneDrive, you can then share files and folders easily from anywhere.

Initially OneDrive gives 5 GB of storage space for the new users and those who have Office 365 subscription will get huge storage space. There are many paid plans as well you can select the one that suits you better. To store or backup your data to OneDrive you need to have valid and active windows account. If you don’t have one you can create it right here.

Let us now take a look at how you can backup files and folder to OneDrive.

Backup Windows 10 files to OneDrive

  1. Tap on the Windows key to open start menu and click on All Apps, then select OneDrive.Start-Menu
  2. As OneDrive is launched and loaded, click on Sign In.OneDrive sign in
  3. Provide the Microsoft account details to sign in to OneDrive.OneDrive-Sign-in 1
  4. OneDrive folder will be created, change the location if required and click on Next.OneDrive-Folder-Created
  5. Select the files to be synced to OneDrive, then tap on Next.Sync-Files-From-OneDrive
  6. Open your OneDrive folder just by clicking on Open my OneDrive folder.OneDrive-Ready
  7. Copy and paste the files from your PC to OneDrive folder to sync it with OneDrive.OneDrive folder
  8. Once the file is copied to OneDrive folder, it can be accessed anywhere.
  9. You can only sync files and folder with a NTFS file system.
  10. Go to OneDrive.com online to access your files.

So that was easy. Do ask us any questions if you have.