The fight for the cheapest Android smartphone never comes to an end. With one smartphones beats other, the days are not too far when Android device will be available at just $ 40. Everyone thought that Rs 5,000 for an Android smartphone is hard to beat but it was achieved and within no time we have Google mobile OS phones available at Rs 3500 as well. Here we tease down some of the smartphones edging for the title of cheapest Android smartphone in India.

Cheapest Android SmartPhone Battle

The competition is now tailored down to four smartphone raging war against each other and these four are from different vendors. Micromax the leading seller in tablet PC in India is up with A25 smartphone. Recently launched Lava Iris N320 is up against Spice Mi-285 smartphone as well. But silent in the market is Celkon A85 which holds the title for the cheapest Android smartphones. Nevertheless spending Rs 100 or 200 more than opting for Celkon A83 can give you better results. Its up to the users, but we have put the cheapest smartphones available in India in the Android lineup.Cheapest Android phones

Among all these four smartphones namely Celkon A83, Micromax A25, Lava Iris N320 & Spice Stellar Mi-285, all are equipped with 1 Ghz single core processor (except Spice Mi 285 with 650 Mhz single core CPU), 256 MB RAM, provides maximum resolution of not more than 480 pixels, packs Android 2.3 Gingerbread version, includes low internal memory but good thing is that all have 32 GB micro SD card support via a dedicated card slot. Lava Iris N320 is single SIM smartphone and other than that all are dual SIM phones. All includes atleast 1280 and above higher battery capacity and camera is ranging from 1.3 mega pixel to 3.2 mega pixel. Spice Mi 285 has little advantage with 3.2 mega pixel camera and front facing 0.3 mega pixel camera not seen in any of the smartphone mentioned here.

Specs, Features Comparison

Probably looking through specifications you might get a clear idea. Here we go –

Parameter Celkon A83 Micromax A25 Lava Iris N320 Spice Mi 285
Display Screen 3.2″ touchscreen 2.8″ touchscreen 3.2″ touchscreen 2.8″
Resolution HVGA, 320×480 QVGA, 240×320 QVGA, 240×320 QVGA, 240×320
Processor 1 Ghz Single Core 1 Ghz Single Core 1 Ghz Single Core 650 Mhz Single Core
RAM 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB RAM
Android Version 2.3 Gingerbread 2.3 Gingerbread 2.3 Gingerbread 2.3 Gingerbread
Internal Storage 512 MB 120 MB 100 MB 150 MB
External Storage MicroSd, 32 GB MicroSd, 32 GB MicroSd, 32 GB MicroSd, 32 GB
Camera 2 mega pixel 1.3 mega pixel 2 mega pixel 3.2 MP
rear, 0.3 Front
Battery 1450 mAh 1280 mAh 1400 mAh 1400 mAh
Price Rs 3500 Rs 3550 Rs 3800 Rs 3800
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Other smartphones to broaden the competition are Celkon A95 which is available at Rs 3999 as it’s boosted with 1 Ghz single core processor, Micromax Superfone Punk A44 priced at Rs 4100, Karbonn A+ at Rs 4300, Byond B54 at Rs 4500.