Apple acquired Beats announces Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker priced at $229.99.

Beats Pill+Beats by Dre under the control of Apple has announced the first product outcome as Beats Pill+ gets official. The Beats Pill+ is a Bluetooth speaker which is larger than its predecessor Beats Pill & actually smaller than Pill XL. Beats Pill+ Beats Pill+ priced at $229.99 will be available for purchase in November. The Tweeter and woofer is inspired from professional recording studio acoustic mechanism. It's powered with 12 hours rechargeable battery and supports portability with ease as it weighs just 0.745 grams. Full charging takes three hours and you can even charge your connected phones or devices externally. Beats Pill+ will be available for control via the Beats Pill app available for iOS and Android.Beats Pill+
Beats Pill XL, the Bluetooth Speakers was discontinued in June last year due to overheating batteries and the Pill+ is actually makeover to that. It comes with pair of stereo tweeter speakers found on each sides ends and at the center we have the woofers.Beats Pill+

On top of the device we have the Power button and Volume controls for easier access, which was actually located on the back for Beats Pill XL. It will be available in color choice of White or Black. Inside the package you get a Soft carrying case, 1.5 meter Lightning to USB-A charging cable and a 12.5 W PSU.

You can buy it directly from the Beats website.