Step By Step Guide for Belkin Router Setup within 5 Minutes

Belkin router setup

Go through Step By Step Guide for Belkin Router Setup within 5 minutes.

Wireless routers have quickly become a norm in households and businesses where more than two computers are present. A wireless router will provide you with wireless Internet access within a specified area. However, there are some problems that you may face with your router, thereby forcing you to look for Belkin router support, Linksys router support and more.

The following paragraph will guide you as to how you can configure your Belkin router in accordance with your Internet service provider that uses PPPOE.

Steps for Belkin Router Setup

The following instruction will help you properly configure your router and more importantly, help you get wireless internet connectivity.

You may not need any Belkin router support services for this since even an amateur would be able to configure the router with these steps, considering it is not an easy task to do and figure on your own:

  • The first step requires you to hook up your Belkin router by connecting the correct ports with the required cables.
  • Click on Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser that you use.
  • In the address bar of your web browser, type IP address and hit enter after that.
  • The screen will now display the menu of Belkin router. You now need to choose the connection type.
  • As soon as you click, you will be asked or a password. Enter the password and in case you have not changed it yet, you need to leave the required field blank.
  • You will be directed to the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection type. You now need to choose PPPOE and then click on the Next button.
  • The PPPOE screen will now appear asking you for a username and password. Both of these details would have been provided to you by your Internet service provider. Simply fill in the fields with the information and then click on Apply changes button.
  • Your router has now been successfully configured. You can check by browsing on your PC.

The above steps should adequately satisfy the need for Belkin router support, especially when you need to set up your router for a PPPOE configuration. A well-known brand Urban Ladder also uses the same technology for an online shop to give a better experience to shoppers.

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