Best 6” Android Phablet Phone – Top Huge Size Phablet Devices

6 inch phablets

Check out the best 6″ Android Phablet Phones which might be reverse trend but people like it.

Smartphones isn’t just above display screen size. Things have changed once when Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 was introduced to the world with a huge 5.3 inches touchscreen display setting a new phone category called phablet phones. Down the line who knew once we might see smartphones with 6 inches display, even Samsung has launched Galaxy Mega series for large screen size phones. The question is how you are able to put a 6” display smartphone into your pocket?

The large screen phones bring the capabilities of tablet PC into a smartphone so that you never miss phone features along never mind of size. Anyways here are the phablet (large screen) phones which you can’t handle easily but still, they exist in the market due to demand.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s best here to top the list in terms of big size phones.

Apple iPhone X

This revolutionary smartphone by Apple is the top choice when it comes to a premium smartphone range.

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